green gold god damn

i dig up my brother's
bones, they're
tiled, tilted so
stirring i go, beer bubbles
whiten and rally

i lay among my brother's
pitch raked pitiful
petals i pour from my

surged seaweed, whiskey,
green gold god damn i
drank and dug him up.



braids tied with rubber
bands between my fingers i
have your name
written, your scent burnt your
image a sound: stepped-hair.

i sing from stars to
shine i'm skinny without
youdreams, stewed in the
gnarl grey goodnight,
fluff for kindling, merged i
surrender and spread.



don't dare fold a

hidden heart, cracked swollen

each spice sliced from every

slight, my song is sung



whoa where am i a
flash in my peripheral vision a spilt
mess in this kitchen on the
tiles a grin against the freezer a
showboat garbage can full of itself
full of bottle caps and spoilt meat, lettuce

where am i where the sound just can't
deafen i just can't stretch inside this
cork, this matchbox i just can't scrape out from
six seven fifteen under i
don't know where i am